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“I can't believe how quickly they installed my solar panels from when I signed my documents! I received an amazing deal and will be referring them to all my friends and family. Wow is all I can sayin”

“It's an absolute privilege to work with such an incredible team! Some of the most innovative minds in the business, top notch training & systems... sky's the limit!"

“Chris my Advisor exceeded the standards in the industry! this company has very knowledgeable people, great products and was communicative throughout. I was able to cut my electric bill down from over $500/mo down to less than $300/mo without paying anything out of pocket. We love the monitoring and how much cooler our how is with the radiant heater barrier and new smart vents.”

“I loved the Home Energy report I was provided. I couldn't believe how accurate it was. They were able to show me how much I was wasting in electricity, what improvements i should make and was able to do all of it for $0 out of pocket. Plus I get a $12,530 federal tax credit! Not only did they get my questions answered in a timely manner but they went above and beyond and made sure that I was taken care of.”


How does the SOAR Program work?

We save your customers thousands by helping them go energy efficient without upfront cost or hassle.
Refer your interested customers
They choose a bundle that fits them
You make thousands in commission
They save an average of $100k *
*Over the life of their loan.
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We’ve Hacked the Mortgage Industry:

Get Paid 2x’s when you Originate this type of Loan

The EcoSmart Purchase Loan —

The industry’s most powerful innovation. We built the EcoSmart Purchase Loan to get you paid twice! This offering bundles your consumer’s mortgage with energy efficient upgrades, saving your consumers money up-front and long-term.

Why your customers will love it:

  • Great, Competitive Rates
  • Includes solar and a brand new roof
  • Energy efficient appliances included
  • Eligible for massive tax rebates and savings
They’ll save thousands over the life of their loan

Why your business needs it:

  • A powerful, new offering to upsell and leverage
  • Double your commissions with every EcoSmart Loan closed
  • Create lasting partnerships with customers
Easy upsells for maximized commissions.

Your Business // Our Platform

4 additional ways to earn!

Energy Efficiency Bundles Help Home Buyers And Owners Save Bigger, Longer

1. FHA EcoSmart Mortgage: Turn your customer’s house hunt into a treasure hunt by helping them bundle energy efficient upgrades, a new roof, and a money-saving solar system right into their mortgage without increasing their down payment. You can help them pocket thousands in cash tax rebates today while winning them energy savings in the future.

2. Solar Utility Company: Help your customers lower their electric bill by going solar. Finally, give homeowners a better alternative than their power company by giving them free solar panels, backed by the local government. And the best part? No upfront costs, no loans or liens, and no operational maintenance. It’s self-generated energy at a reduced cost.

3. $0 Down Efficiency Loan: A program for new or existing homeowners. This acts as a home improvement windfall where customers can finance 100% of their energy upgrades (solar, a new roof, smart home tech, and more) with a 30% federal tax credit putting cash in your clients pocket. And the best part? The financing transfers effortless if they sell the home.

4. EcoSave Refinance Loan: The perfect program for clients looking to refinance as soon as rates drop. You can slash interest rates, offer cash for those energy upgrades they've been eyeing, and lock in a killer new rate/term combo. You save their life while reaping the rewards.

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Meet the SOAR Team

High-profile. Highly talented. High-performers.
Brian Decker
CEO / Founder
Tarek El Moussa
Heather El Moussa
Shelby Elias

Energy Efficiency Bundles Help Home Buyers And Owners Save Bigger, Longer

Are you looking for a way to add a much-needed vertical to your business?

I was.

So, I went to work and created a way for real estate professionals to add a meaningful, consistent stream of revenue to their business by simple sending a referral.

To bring this vision to life, I teamed up with some powerful players: Tarek El Moussa (Flip or Flop), Shelby Elias, Mike Roberts, and myself opened the gates to an industry Forbes says will be worth $860 Billion by 2026 and packaged it perfectly to jump start your business

Now, you’ll be able to boost your bottom line, create massive benefits for your customers, and create deal flow consistency for years to come.

And it all starts with the energy efficiency industry.

The Easiest Upsell you’ll never
have to make.

The SOAR program gives your consumers exactly what they want without upfront cost or hassle.

It’s as easy as switching their power company.

55% of consumers already want to go green
help them save thousands per year
bundle solar, appliances, and other energy efficient upgrades
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How peter galvez made $204,956 in 120 days

Peter Galvez was the #2 originator in California in 2021, funding over $400M. However, with loan volumes declining and inflation soaring, Peter realized he had to find an additional revenue stream.

Enter Soar.

Peter added a new, energy efficient vertical, and began sourcing referrals referring to our 2023 pilot program. The results were staggering and his commissions even more impressive, making $204,956 in just 120 days!

“Soar wasn’t just a new income stream; it was a client rejuvenation program. Now, I can offer solutions that transcend mortgages, which builds trust and loyalty. My business is booming, my clients are happy, and that’s all that matters!”
-Peter Galvez

Earn Like Peter

The top producers
can’t stop talking about SOAR.

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“Most Brillant way to monetize our data base while interest rates are high.  My clients love working with someone they know and trust rather than some doorknocker.”
#Top 50 LO-Scotsman Guide
Neil Anders
Orange County, CA
"I love how I use this program to create affordability for my buyers. Rolling in new appliances, solar, HVAC and radiant heat barriers saved my clients $351/mo on their new home purchase."
#Top 100 LO-Scotsman Guide
Taylor Loop
Temecula, CA
"I love how this is not some solar referral program. I love my dedicated Energy Advisor and they work as a part of my team. My clients are blown away at the detailed Home Energy Report."
#1 Loan Officer in Arizona
Matt Oliver
Pheonix, AZ
"Brian, Tarek & Shelby have created a revenue stream that will add millions to my mortgage company over the next decade. With loan commissions shrinking and energy costs rising this is the perfect solution at the perfect time."
#2 Originator in Florida
Zach Bleznick
Orlando, FL
"This has been the best vertical I have added to my business. I have already referred the CEOs to some of the largest real estate companies in the US to SOAR Energy."
#1 Real Estate in the US
Jason Mitchell
Over 50 Locations Nationwide
"I've earned over $55,300 in my first 2 months. My buyers love the Energy Efficient mortgage and I love how all I have to do is have a brief convo with my client and SOAR Energy does the rest. The tech SOAR has built is mind blowing and so easy to use."
#Top 100 LO-Scotsman Guide
Justin Brown
Los Angeles, CA
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